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  • Built / Refit:2016
  • Length:23 m.
  • Cabin:3


    Crew service, clean bed linen, guest insurance, food, soft drinks.

    NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE Alcoholic drinks, ice cream, water sports, photoshoot, crew tips. DAILY TOUR PROGRAM:

    1-) Meteor Cave: The history of the Bodrum meteor cave, The Meteor cave was formed by a result of a meteorite fallen in 1892. It is 35m wide and 60m deep. The meteorite, wich is buried in the ground, is covered with a layer of soil.

    2-) Poyraz Aquarium: Turquoise Bay is a beautiful bay protected by the government where you can see the bottom of the sea at a depth of 20 meters. You can spot wild boars searching for food on the beach. Throw a piece of bread into the sea from the boat and then watch the fish fight for it.

    3-) Diver's Bay: It is a great place for snorkeling. It is one of the symbols of Bodrum diving places.

    4-) Rabbit Bay: Let yourself go in the sea! The sea is clean, refreshing and has a vast beach. Also you can benefit of the Angel water sports activities in the Bay. Timetable For daily tour check-in starts from 9:30 am For daily tour check-out is until 16:00 pm Prime Time :

    1-) Bodrum Castle: When our boat goes in front of the Bodrum castle, the guide will give you information about the castle and then you can take pictures with a magnificent view.

    2-) Aquarium: You can see many types of fish while swimming in the aquarium. then you will have a nice dinner.

    3-) Sunset: After watching that famous Bodrum sunset, you return to the Bodrum with music. Other conditions If the tour is not possible because of severe weather conditions you will be offered an alternative day. Safe and Clean We promise to comply with the safety and hygiene measures ordered by the local authorities


Contact us for renta or price information and detailed inquiries, or leave us a message for us to get back to you.

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